Please see the Catalogue and Bibliography pages for Richard’s articles and books. Also references to the children’s ‘dark green’ adventure stories which currently enchant him. One, The children who wouldn’t... is already published but has been re-worked and re-named (Trespassers in their own land) and two sequels Darkness under the mountain and The sort of girl things happen to are also complete, forming a trilogy with the working title A Wilderness of Secrets. We are currently seeking an agent prepared to take on this c.200k words work: Richard sees them as novels for the intelligent 11 yr old - as he more or less sees himself, and he hopes most imaginative adults.

For more personal information, see 'Richard writes' below and the sections on 'Non-fiction', 'Articles', 'Have books fared better', 'Fiction' and 'Poetry'.

His thesis on the ecology and behaviour of the Cornish Chough and some other related scientific papers may be found here https://chough.org/research-papers and all published writing here  https://richardmeyer.co.uk/index.php/writing/bibliography.