“Painting is older than civilisation; it is truly international. When you pick up a brush or a stick with pigment and lay it on a surface, you are doing something our prehistoric ancestors did - no different!”. Richard is happy to be a very small step in this continuing tradition.

Unfortunately, the blessed computer destroys 'gesture'. Richard believes that surface quality and texture are vital to a painting and that, however good, digital reproduction can never compensate for ‘feel’. So images here, as on any art website, are mere introductions though we have tried through the application of high resolution details to compensate for this.

Successful paintings are stepping stones towards an understanding of life. They breathe or die and, like music, don’t rely on superficial or vicarious similarity to something else. “Paintings are best understood intuitively”.

He believes making an Object which sustains interest demands intimate knowledge of the Subject. It's not possible to define Quality (as Robert M. Persig explained) but we know it when we see it.  

If you care to read some of Richard's personal reflections on art and philosophy please click on ‘Some art’.