Long awaited painting.

My resistance finally broke down and I tackled a study done after a break of 18 months. This the second attempt; it's rough round the edges but it's been a struggle feeling a way back into managing thick paint. The actual sunflowers had long since expired, so I needed recourse to memory, pre-knowledge and imagination. Below the main image is a detail.


This is a detail:

Jane Brown
- 26 November 2018 at 10:56am

It’s lovely, bold and colorful!. And thanks for the detail (which you really can’t see in the full photo on a computer). It reminds me of a painting that my parents once had, with such thick paint - the paint was always kind of rubbery, and as children, we loved the feel of it, picking at it with our fingers. I’m trying to figure out where the detail is from, in the full painting. The photo of the full painting doesn’t do it justice! It’s something that needs to be seen in person. I love it.
- 27 November 2018 at 11:40am

HI Jane, many thanks for those comments. Much appreciated. The detail is of the area just to the bottom right of the frame on the wall in the TLCorner. We need to keep the resolution reasonably small for the website design but I can send you a better resolution of the entire painting, if you'd like. Let me know. Thanks again.
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