Painting in a new home

Painting in a new home: Collection of Kate and Andrew Harrison.








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We saw two hedgehogs

We saw two hedgehogs feeding side by side
And it wouldn't be our fault if they died.
They had been grunting through the summer night
Safe from traffic, we thought they'd be all right
In an island garden bordered by woods.
Each evening we fed them specialised food;
Put in a plastic box which was surplus.
And they went straight there first night, without fuss.
But far too nervous to come out in light.
Such has been their anthropogenic plight.
And the reasons for this bloody plight are
Modern farms, strimmers, poisons and the car.
And remember bonfires roast them alive
As one did a Guy on November Five.

North Devon, 12 October 2018



Christina Bonnett
- 14 October 2018 at 10:05am

I very much enjoyed seeing your flower paintings displayed together and was only sorry to have chosen a time when you were absent. Eilean's ceramic sculptures were also a treat and provided a happy complement to the tempting tactile nature of your work.
Neither detracted from the enjoyment of the other.

I have spent some time reading your poems. I'm not sure 'enjoy' is quite the right description of the response I felt. Arousing renewed joy, anger and sorrow over familiar scenarios, I wondered whether they would reach the people who are unaware. 'Good Manners' struck a chord - I have long thought the sincere adoption of same by all, would cure all evil.
The thought is more complicated than it seems.
- 14 October 2018 at 08:35pm

So good to hear from you and all that you do Richard.
Your flower art work, really wonderful and pleased you are appreciated.
I read some of your poems , so will look at more.
Your love of nature shows through everything you do.
Keep doing what you are must touch so many people.
Best wishes Janette.
- 17 October 2018 at 12:07pm

Thank you Janette, I can't tell you how encouraging your support is. If I ever feel as if I'm flagging (and I do get despondent at times), this just helps me carry on.
- 17 October 2018 at 12:13pm

Christina, your support is over-whelming, and so valuable to me. Oftentimes I feel useless and pathetic despite all efforts to the contrary. I know you are right about reaching out to the 'right people'; I don't know how you do that. It seems one has to be a *Celebrity* to be heard and listened to irrespective of what is said. As you know I write novels too but just look at any shelf in Waterstones, and you see *Names* no matter the value of the content. So, yes, your help is worth more than I can say, and I'll carry on though I can't promise I'll 'Keep Calm'!
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