Feb 7


For those who missed the exhibition "The Constructed Female" this is poor consolation, but these YouTube videos might give you an idea of it. There is also glimpses of Paul Jackson's ceramics. Apologies for poor filming http://tinyurl.com/p7sh4ah

Jan 12

Review of Plough exhibition

Review of Plough Exhibition Attached below are all Comments, positive and negative, from the Visitors' Book. For those who were unable to attend, they might help to give a broader view of the exhibition. Needless to say(!), I disagree with the (anonymous) comment that the paintings did not show the "spiritual" side of women, nor their "light" or "joy" - it was my intention to show exactly those qualities coupled to their strength and sexuality. I've always believed women to be stronger than men.

You will see that someone else, also anonymous, simply said they did not like the exhibition. Fair enough of course although it would have been useful to know a little of what lay behind that judgement. Someone kicked off the Comments by asking where were the nude men, I think the answer to that is in the show's title.

However, it's gratifying that the majority did find the exhibition enjoyable and thought-provoking. I wish it had been better attended because this would have made feedback more useful artistically. Once again, my sincere thanks to all those who did make the effort to come.

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Dec 22



Wishing everyone who reads or even just takes an occasional cursory glance at my ramblings about Art a terrific Christmas and prospectful (is that a word?) New Year.

I hope this 2012 painting of Sweetpeas (this year the first of many for various reasons that I haven't done one) infiltrated by a spray of Buddleia and an Iris flowerhead will help gird the loins until Spring.

Sweetpeas with a buddleia spray in a yellow jug

Please accept my grateful thanks to all who have contributed to these pages with your various and always insightful informed comments. Without these I couldn't go on... would find it hard to go on. I do hope that amongst all the words you have found something that intrigues, amuses, interests or even irritates you enough to carry on visiting next year. If not, then please let me know I won't bother you again - with regret but no hard feelings.

Dec 1

Re collection and Recollection with some Reflections

Re collection and Recollections with some Reflections. Unless people sign the Visitors’ Book there is no way of knowing how many attend exhibitions such as mine – which has just ended. Of course The Plough Arts Centre, being a charity with free admission and staffed mainly by volunteers, has no way of recording visitor numbers. So from my point of view it’s a great shame if people visit and don’t record the fact because that’s the only way I can judge success or otherwise. We never expected to sell much - I was under no illusion that these paintings were commercial, and so I’m extraordinarily grateful for any sales which did accrue.

Plough exhibition

That these works were not commercial will surprise no-one who knows them and me. They were not exhibited as a business venture but as a genuine attempt to reflect my view (and only my view) of the glories of the modern(ish) self-made woman, and the visual impact of their efforts as presented to other women and of course the humble male. This much is pretty obvious to any reflective person, and I always hope that the reflective person who is also appreciative of painting will see beyond the surface and notice much else besides, as indeed Isabella said in The Book. [I’ll reproduce all comments later.]

I’ve always maintained that the subject matter of a figurative painting is mainly a hook on which to hang the painting (verb & noun). I used to think this was obvious, but have come to know better and realise that most people only glance at a painting, deciding instantly whether they like the ‘thing’ depicted. If not, they move swiftly on without a second thought. (Please click 'Read more' below)

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Nov 19

Workshop comments

Workshop: a small and very exclusive group of four spent an enjoyable day at The Plough last week engaged in a Workshop regarding the semi-clothed human figure.

We tried to explore in a language of pure paint the human form - which we intrinsically of course know so well. A fantastically difficult thing to do, and all those present tackled it with great aplomb.

My thanks to the model Shan and everyone who made the day so fascinating (and challenging) for me too. I've received three nice comments so far and include them below. With their permission I will at some future date show the results of their work. I hope Dee, from whom I haven't yet heard, also enjoyed the day as much as everyone else seemed to. 

Dear Richard,

I loved the workshop thank you for the photos and all your hard work yesterday,

best wishes lynne


Hi Richard
Thank you very much for the email, and mostly for the wonderfully inspirational day on Friday. I loved every minute of it and would certainly love to do another course whenever you have one.

I don't know how the watermixable oils will survive the linseed paste, but it will be interesting. I shall certainly try the method again and order some paste.

I hope you manage to do as much painting as you wish and look forward to seeing you and your art again.best regards


Dear Richard,

Many thanks for forwarding the photographs.

I very much enjoyed the work shop on friday and it was good to be pushed into trying completely different ways of painting. Am definitely going to try to work more loosely and try and get the paint strokes to do the talking!

With regards,