Fire-raven Writing, publishers of the new edition of Richard's book, announce ‘We are pleased to donate £500 from proceeds of @DrRichardMeyer’s book, The Fate of The Badger, in support of Tom Langton’s badger cull challenges in the High Court.’

For more information on this tremendously important and possibly ground-breaking High Court action directed by Tom please see If you can find a surplus pound or two lurking in your purse or pocket we can't think of a better place to send it; Tom and the whole badger world will be very grateful.

A personal note from Richard... 'The fate of the badger has blighted my adult life, occupied much of my time and probably encroached on my good nature, however I do not seek to make any money or benefit in any material way from its plight.

'For an interview I did with Emma Powell please see Thanks so much for caring enough to read this far!'