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Our government has escalated badger culling in England this autumn on an industrial scale. Badgers are gone from woods, banks and meadows in a growing series of brutal bloody countryside purges. Bags and piles of mostly healthy badgers are mass-slaughtered using your taxes. Resting on dubious science and decisions. The legally required safeguards on English wildlife from removing our top-tier predator remains hidden from us.

Natural England, the agency who issue licenses to kill badgers say they have no written description of their approach and that areas assessed must remain confidential for fear of landowner intimidation from anti-cull protest. This, despite an official ruling by the Information Commissioner that it would not; that Natural England is, yet again mistaken.

In his latest report, Tom says: 

"The last update had a great response with donations and pledges now coming in daily online and offline. People are so horrified by the government’s new announcements. Nearing the £12,000 target, we have extended it a little before we switch to a new appeal in a week or two.

"Offline support keeps building with around £2,500 in recent pledges and donations, our plan to add £10,000 in March looks well on track. A fabulous £1,000 has been donated by the North East Essex Badger Group and £500 has been donated from proceeds of Richard Meyer’s book, The Fate of The Badger (available from

The Fate of the Badger by Richard Meyer

"This new edition of Richard’s classic has been published with the help of a small dedicated and hard working team of volunteers who helped to get the new edition out and we are really most grateful for their support. Such support is vital in exposing the truth about the misguided wasteful and counter-productive badger culls that no credible scientist can support.

"Further, we have had £300 from Pauline Kidner’s ‘Wildlife and Badger Care’ team. Pauline has been a wonderful supporter of badgers for so long it is welcome to get endorsement from her and the team. Devon Badger Group has donated generously too and Oxfordshire Badger Group are making pledges this weekend and will be at the Oxford Vegan Festival today.

"Thanks to all of you. Keep it up. Keep sharing on Social Media."

I am delighted we've been able to help to this degree. I make no money out of badgers or my book but am very content to help out these fantastic much abused animals.