Talk for the South Yorkshire Badger Group

My talk in South Yorkshire on April 26th went very well I think; that, or the audience was very kind. I sold some books but I'm left very depressed at the enormous amount of sett disturbance there, as well as the general persecution by gamekeepers and lowlife on any wildlife, especially that seen as a threat to blood sports.  

I'm even more pleased now that through sales of my book The Fate of the Badger we were able to donate £200 to Graham's campaign to help alleviate this huge problem - see (

The Judicial Review is gathering pace. You can read about it here

Our government has escalated badger culling in England this autumn on an industrial scale. Badgers are gone from woods, banks and meadows in a growing series of brutal bloody countryside purges. Bags and piles of mostly healthy badgers are mass-slaughtered using your taxes. Resting on dubious science and decisions. The legally required safeguards on English wildlife from removing our top-tier predator remains hidden from us.


This talk has now been postponed till June as a consequence of Broomhill being overbooked for Valentine's Night in the Restaurant. 

Nearer the time I'll announce the new date, possibly June 20th.

North Devon Arts illustrated talk

by Richard Meyer

8pm, February 14th, Broomhill Art Hotel & Sculpture Gardens, near Barnstaple.


Fire-raven Writing, publishers of the new edition of Richard's book, announce ‘We are pleased to donate £500 from proceeds of @DrRichardMeyer’s book, The Fate of The Badger, in support of Tom Langton’s badger cull challenges in the High Court.’

For more information on this tremendously important and possibly ground-breaking High Court action directed by Tom please see If you can find a surplus pound or two lurking in your purse or pocket we can't think of a better place to send it; Tom and the whole badger world will be very grateful.

A personal note from Richard... 'The fate of the badger has blighted my adult life, occupied much of my time and probably encroached on my good nature, however I do not seek to make any money or benefit in any material way from its plight.

'For an interview I did with Emma Powell please see Thanks so much for caring enough to read this far!'  Fate of the Badger interview. 

A little gentle arm twisting got me into doing this interview with the actress Emma Powell for my book The Fate of The Badger !  I'm happy to promote it of course because the story it tells is both intriguing and scandalous. Moreover, it is immensely important for wildlife conservation in the UK because we do not have much big 'real' wildlife left.  Therefore the hope is that my 'performance' does not put you off. For this vile and futile unscientific badger slaughter must stop.