Because of the government sponsored slaughter of badgers here is
The Fate of the Badger newly told
Grisly exhumations 30 years old
From Chapter 2, 'The Killer Disease' (p.13)
The following extract (remember, written over 30 years ago) is about a time when badgers had never been thought of, let alone killed, as a way of controlling bTB in cattle.

I had the honour of being Artist in Residence for two weeks (June 12-23) at National Trust's magical Bucks Mills Cabin on the North Devon coast.

Bucks Mills residency

Pleased to have participated in North Devon Art Trek (September) showing (Un)Still Lifes at The Plough.

Sweetpeas in a blue coffee pot

Two paintings donated to the Bideford Lions: 'Into the orchard again' and one of the few remaining 'Barns in a landscape' series.