Trying to condense nearly 50 years of official government badger slaughter into 15 minutes: that's a minute/3 years.  

And during all this time the illegal cruel slaughter continues as it has for centuries.   



Announcing this forthcoming exhibition. It runs for 5 weeks so please try and get there if you can... the gardens are pretty good too!

Talk on June 13th at Broomhill Sculpture Park for North Devon Artists (NDA).

Originally planned for February 14th my talk on Wednesday June 13th was very well received and I'm very grateful to all who attended.

It was devoted largely to my fortnight as 'Artist in Residence' at the National Trust's Bucks Mills Cabin on the North Devon coast a year ago, and concentrated on works inspired by the rocky beach.

It would be great to see some of you there.

Talk for the South Yorkshire Badger Group

My talk in South Yorkshire on April 26th went very well I think; that, or the audience was very kind. I sold some books but I'm left very depressed at the enormous amount of sett disturbance there, as well as the general persecution by gamekeepers and lowlife on any wildlife, especially that seen as a threat to blood sports.  

I'm even more pleased now that through sales of my book The Fate of the Badger we were able to donate £200 to Graham's campaign to help alleviate this huge problem - see (