Richard finds it difficult to separate out the different elements of his life because, as he says, it's all life – intricately connected just as is any 'web of life' which is what ecologists study.
As he says, “For me, an ecologist notices things visually, analyses them logically and writes them down accurately. If you have a sense of beauty, you notice the aesthetics of these things. If you possess a degree of curiosity, you want to know more about them. And if you want to remember these things, you write them down or draw them.”

Bringing all that together is where, for Richard, Art begins to make sense. A lapsed term these days is 'Natural philosophy'. Although an ecologist, Richard is happy to be called a Naturalist even though it's another term fallen into disuse these days due to ever increasing specialisation and reductionism. Specialism narrows scope and obscures the web of life, and you end up "not seeing the wood for the trees". Reductionism means you look in more and more detail and lose focus on the entire organism.


Richard writes some more about his wildlife here: