I would be dead

When I am dead and thankfully gone
          Maybe some will see what I have done

For I cannot be what others see
          Or consider what I ought to be

And all the doubts, toil, worry and fear
          Do not diminish what I hold dear

I would never claim to aim for fame
          Not worth a toss within the game

No! From one’s peers I would choose to hear
           To nurture odd creative ideas

Hacking to publisher or dealer
          Binds one to business year after year

Carrying no true significance
          To any real artistic practice

Mutual appraisal one will accept
          All else it’s by far best to reject

Of course I cope and will always hope
          But not in mendacious business grope

Yes! To reach colleagues (of any age)
          And there find true mutual lineage.

© R M Meyer
Devon, 2019
January, completed May